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Watch ‘’Man Antom?’’ with Basma on Al Kahera Wal Nas
Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Basma began working as a broadcaster in the Nile channel from 1998 to 2000 to be chosen by the filmmaker Sherif Arafa, where he had saw her in the film "El Madina". Then he gave her a role in  "El Nazr" film with Alaa Wali Al-Din.

After the movie "EL Nama we El tawos" she returned to work as a broadcaster at Dream from 2001 to 2002 and then co-starred in the series "El Remal" on MBC. After many years of acting, Basma will be back in the broadcasting arena as a presenter in Ramadan on Al Kahera Wal Nas.

Basma will be presenting a political satire TV program ‘’ Man Antom?’’. It is inspired by the concurrent circumstances in the region. The name of the program is inspired by Qaddafi popular phrase ‘’Man Antom?’’.

In the beginning of the program, Basma performs a standup comedy on one of the concurrent circumstances then the debate between the two opposing guests begins. She discusses the circumstance and asks in-depth questions to reveal her guest’s personality and principles. 

The program has broad spectrum of guests; Wael El Ebrashy Vs. Tamer Amin, Mahmoud Hemeda Vs.  Hany Gerguis Fawzy, Tallat El Sadat Vs.  Amr Waked, Alaa Sadek Vs.  Magdi Abdel Ghani, Amr Hamzawy Vs.  Ahmed Abo Baraka, Ahmed Bedir Vs.  Medhat El Adl, and host of other celebrities and politicians.

‘’ Man Antom?’’ is considered one of the boldest programs on Al Kahera Wal Nas this Ramadan. Shooting took place in the Interactive Studios. The program is directed by: Hossam Salama.

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